jim cohen 2017

5 on my real-list

I keep thinking about the importance of legitimacy. Especially now, at a time where fake has blurred the boundaries of real and created the confusing, intentionally distracting alternate universes of real / fake and fake / real.

Clearly a list of real is in order!

5 of my real-list of places, sounds, experiences, local, national, big, small:

  1. McNally Jackson Booksellers — an actual, independent bookstore with a trove of art and design books, current titles, recommendations, a suburb sister store of Goods For The Study, journals, pads, pens, you can spend hours here, I do when I’m in NYC
  2. Starbucks — yes, big, global, but still evolving and delivering on the promise inside and out
  3. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival — it’s grown but maintained its integrity, diversity and spirit; the music, the people, the scent of soft-shell po boys in the breeze, the best event on the planet!
  4. Dawes — the band, turned on and impeccable live, the discs are great too, they have the songs, the chops, the energy, the mojo
  5. Mosca’s — back to New Orleans, a legendary spot, little has changed in the delivery of garlic and olive oil infused glory in the 30 years or so that I’ve had the pleasure of dining in this fine joint



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Jim Cohen

Champion of what’s real, creative, courageous. Transformation facilitator, innovation design sherpa, trusted advisor. jim@spark-us.com www.jimcohensherpa.com